Why Choose Us?

We understand that choosing your accountant can be a big decision. You can be confident that you are making the right, safe choice with Hackett Griffey.

  • Regulated by ACCA, the world’s largest professional accountancy body
  • By far the longest established firm of accountants in Haverhill, with established offices. The firm’s partners personally own our prestigious, High Street offices – so we are here for the long term
  • We continue to grow through recommendations from satisfied clients – feel free to ask us for testimonials or you can speak directly with some of our clients
  • Technically up to date, yet friendly and approachable
  • Headed by the ACCA prize-winner Jon Griffey with ACCA and AAT qualified staff
  • A modern, thriving practice
  • Based in low-cost Haverhill, our fees are a fraction of what you would pay in Cambridge or London

With these credentials we are the natural choice for all your accountancy and taxation requirements.

What’s more, we are nice people…

  • Free initial meeting
  • After hours service
  • Home visits
  • Just pop in any time
  • Friendly, down to earth, straight talking people

Phone us or email now, or just pop into our accessible, step-free offices on the Haverhill High Street.

We have taken countless dissatisfied clients from other accountancy firms over the years and the complaints are always the same...

“I can’t get hold of my accountant”

“they never return my calls”

“I only hear from them once a year”

“their bills go up each year and they are now too expensive”

“I have to deal with a different person every year”

“they had my books for ages and I ended up getting fined for filing my accounts late”

“my affairs get handled by junior staff who seem to know less than I do”

“they used to be approachable, but they have got too big and I feel small and unimportant to them”

“I never get any advice, I am always coming up with the ideas of how to save tax”

“I don’t think they are very good technically - they never seem to know the answer”

“they merged with a bigger firm and don’t seem interested anymore”

“It always feels that I am paying too much tax”

“it seems like they are working for the taxman rather than me”

“they are always telling me what I can’t do, not what I can do”

“they are not up to date with technology – they don’t even have a website”

“they work on their own and there is nobody to deal with my affairs whilst they are away”

“I have dealt with them for years and only they know my affairs”

“If I change accountants, I might get investigated by the tax man”

“You have to wait until the end of the year before changing”

“it’s too much hassle”

“I am better with the devil I know”

This is all nonsense of course. We can guide you through the simple process of changing accountant. You’ll be glad that you did.

Very many, if not most practising accountants in the UK have no accountancy qualifications. The law allows anybody regardless of whether they have a criminal conviction to set themselves up as an accountant with no expertise, no insurance and no professional body to complain to when things go wrong. Many even buy fancy sounding, but meaningless ‘qualifications’ and display letters after their name to give themselves misleading credentials.

Have you checked the qualifications of your accountant recently?

Make sure that you use a ‘Chartered’ accountant. As an ACCA firm of Chartered Certified Accountants you are assured that with Hackett Griffey LLP you are in safe hands..